Chris Selley: Idea of a stiff fine for ethics violations isn’t enough. What about resigning?


ESSEX, ONT. — By far the most enthusiastic Conservative crowd of Campaign 2019’s final week greeted leader Andrew Scheer on Wednesday afternoon as his campaign landed in the famous political battleground that is Windsor, Ont. The NDP currently holds all three ridings in the booming manufacturing city just across the river from Detroit, but both the Tories and Liberals claim confidence they can win them back. The raucous partisans at the Essex Centre Sports Complex arena certainly seemed to think so: Tireless chants of “Andrew” turned to jeers at Justin Trudeau and his evil alleged tax-hiking coalition-in-the-making, which turned to roars at Scheer’s promise to obliterate the carbon tax, which turned back to jeers when reporters asked questions the crowd didn’t like. Read More

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